a brief history

our firm sprouted as a home based freelance business and has grown into a full-fledged graphic design studio company. atul modi opened scitex designer in 1994 as a full-service creative resource for advertising agencies, business communicators, entrepreneurs & companies, industrialist & industry. we are able to provide imaginative and cost-effective solutions to graphic designing to multicolor printing problem and slowly and gradually along with the changing attitude, trend and technology the company has ventured into the web designing.


slowly and steadily with progress we have started another company 4colordesign.com in 1999 to cater wider customer base across nation India.


4colordesign seeks clients who share the appreciation and the value of highly creative, innovative and strategically sound design. we work to maintain the highest standards for service and add significant value to our client's identity and brands, while creating images that set them apart from the competition and present an aggressive confident face to the public.


we view our clients as partners and join them in the pursuit of increasing and enhancing their services and products. 4colordesign doesn't sell design; we are here to assist our clients' sell their products and services. graphic design is merely a vehicle toward that goal.


located at the western edge of india 4colordesign.com served clients locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

how the name derived

we set out to find a name that was memorable, had impact and would help us stand out from our competitors. in the creative field of graphic design it was tough to find a name that stood out above other creatively renowned studios.


we felt 4colordesign.com had impact and many of our clients say "that's a name itself implies!" 4colordesign.com was also an available domain name and was not trademarked. Once the name was decided upon, we soon discovered that there really were bona fide designs.

our mission

to give creative solutions, quality design, personal attention and customer satisfaction to each and every client. we are committed to exceptional quality and will work around tight budgets and deadlines. our goal is to communicate our clients' ideas through high quality graphic design solutions. we offer outstanding value at very reasonable prices.


scitex designer has a reputation for creating imaginative and affordable designing and printing solutions that produce results. at 4colordesign.com we'd be delighted to show you how we can improve your productivity through more effective communications. take a look at our on-line
print & design portfolio and graphic portfolio. fill out our survey, and e-mail any questions you may have to:connect@4colordesign.com

business morals

when the company 4colordesign.com was formed in 1999, we knew two things to be true: we were going to create really distinctive images for the products we worked on, and we were going to do it with really great project supervision. over the last 7 years we've discovered that good work tells its own tales, and that clients can't get enough of good service. since our inception we've developed a couple of guidelines to help measure our success. although not revolutionary, they do keep us striving for perfection.


our jobs should stress-free for the people we work with, including our clients. deadlines can get tight, production hassles can be nightmares, but working with us should be the least of our client's problems.


our projects have to be effective. cost-effective, time-effective and viewer-effective. whether we're designing logos to package a new television network, or materials to promote a new crockery sets, kitchen wear sets, the efforts we put into our projects should make buyers tempt to buy the product.


we're really more of a full-service design studio. 4colordesign.com has always been firmly rooted in the design, print & web industry, custom software development and online marketing, our assignments have run the length from development of a product title, to package design, consumer and trade ads, copy writing, custom site development and even printing. a typical 4colordesign.com packaging project or selling is much more to us than just design.


what makes our thinking special is our design philosophy: we really consider packaging brand shaping. so we're never really just designing a product box, we're thinking about the entire product image.


we currently have three full-time designers, a business manager and a marketing director in our firm. in addition to our on-site staff we work with a talented pool of outside resources that include copy writers, photographers, printers, binders, all of which are ready to join our team should the need arise. by keeping our staff small we eliminate confusion and miscommunication that can arise between account staff and design personnel in a larger firm or a company.


we've had success with our methods to date. as a matter of fact, we've decided that the time is right to step outside the boundaries of the design & print industry and expose the rest of the world to our design, print, web & project management, customized software development, online marketing, mobile app development, crm implementation expertise.

our skills

what our company can do
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